Visiting a new church can be scary. Let us try to make you more comfortable.

I remember visiting potential colleges a few years ago. I was invited to sit in on a class to see what it was like. Let me tell you what it was like. It was terrifying. It was especially unhelpful when the professor asked if there was anything I'd like to add to what he said! I felt out of place, unprepared, and kind of dumb. We don't want you to feel that way if you visit with us at Rose Park. Here's a brief overview of commonly asked questions:

Our 10AM SerVice

There is One Lord and One Church. United in Christ we worship as a single body with many parts. Together we read God's Holy Word, we pray, we praise, and we partake of the Sacraments. Nestled cosily in the sanctuary, tables and padded chairs provide a warm place for all to worship.  

What Should I wear? 

Anything you want! Well, for the most part... At Rose Park, we would like to invite you to "come as you are." At our weekend services you will find some folks wearing suits or skirts, ties or jeans, and in the summer maybe tank tops and shorts. The point is, please do not let clothing considerations stop you from stopping in. There is one thing we know about you already: God loves you. And guess what, so do we!