full time, senior pastor

Rose Park Reformed Church of Holland Michigan is preparing our hearts for the leader God has chosen to shepherd His flock into new chapters of ministry. Leading with Christ's love, we   desire a Senior Pastor looking to become a part of not only a congregation, but a community.

We offer an opportunity to partner with renewed and committed leaders to build God's Church in North Holland. Candidates will have strong interpersonal skills with an ability to build relationships in a multi-generational congregation. The candidate will have a proven ability to proclaim God's word in a clear and inspiring manner. A blended seeker friendly worship service is important. We recognize that growth in numbers is a result of growth in faith and service and, as such seek a candidate with the ability to inspire, challenge and equip people to serve and grow. If you would like more information about this ministry opportunity, please feel free to contact search committee chair at gary@roseparkreformed.org