The Church Directory

Dear Rose Park,

Do you like to clean? Every once in a while, I get the need to tidy up. The feeling came on fast Monday morning as I was having my first cup of coffee. I spent almost thirty minutes tidying up my office; I threw away old post-it’s, filed away important notes, and organized a few books. But as I was cleaning, I also found a few vhs tapes, a couple book series from the nineties, and the always flattering church directory.

(I won’t attach any of the pictures, don’t worry)

In fact, I found the church directories from 2003 and 2008. This goes without saying, but a lot has changed. The hairstyles have certainly changed (some had a lot more in 2003), the fashion changed (there was a lot more denim than today), and the faces changed (some moved away, some wandered away, and some passed away). But throughout the changes of the Rose Park directories, there still remains two constants. The first is the everlasting presence of God and the second is the mission of the local church.

Through the pictures of changing families (the additions of children and the too soon departures of loved ones) the everlasting presence of God is almost palpable. Through the pictures of mission projects, baptisms, potlucks, and bible studies the mission of the local church is obvious. I hope and trust these two constants will remain in this next chapter of Rose Park. Though faces and programs might change, the presence of God and the mission of the local church will always remain.

For some of you, the directories of 2003 and 2008 only scratch the surface of your history at Rose Park. For others, you’re still waiting to make your debut in the next church directory. No matter how long you’ve been at Rose Park, I hope you join us in this next chapter; it will be another chapter in a long history of faithfulness, service, and love to the Lord. And regardless of what changes might occur over the next several years, may we find comfort in the everlasting presence of God and courage to commit ourselves again to the mission of the local church.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Mark